When fire, disaster or medical emergency strikes, you take it for granted that your call for help will be answered. And it will be…but only because there are volunteers who willingly contribute their time and energy to keeping our community safe. These men and women are truly amazing, and they come from every walk of life; they work and live all around you. They share an unselfish, often under-appreciated commitment to being there…ready to serve… whenever a crisis occurs. That is truly being a good neighbor.

Are you that kind of neighbor? Are you ready to stand up and do your part when the sirens call? It isn’t a decision to take lightly. It takes training, hard work and courage to be amazing. But it can also be the most satisfying and rewarding thing you ever do. Whether you volunteer to fight fires or provide emergency medical services, we need you! To learn more about what it means to volunteer with the Eaton’s Neck Fire Department, please contact us at info@eatonsneckfd.org.

Learn more at Suffolk’s Bravest.

Volunteer as a firefighter and you will attend the Suffolk County Fire Academy in Yaphank. In addition to learning how to handle the equipment, you will learn how buildings are constructed, how fires spread, and how to handle hazardous materials. You will be taught how to assess and respond to critical situations, and the best ways to protect yourself and those who serve around you.

Visit Suffolk County Fire Academy.

Questions? Contact us for more information about volunteering.

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