Our History

Prior to the end of World War II, Eaton’s Neck consisted primarily of large open estates and many disposable summer campsites near the water especially near Price’s Bend; however, none of these properties were protected under any of the existing fire districts within the Town of Huntington, making Eaton’s Neck the only unprotected fire area in the township.

After World War II, the absence of fire protection and the geographic isolation in the developing area brought out volunteers who sought solutions to this community need. Two of those volunteers were Charles Shoreys and Rudolph Schultz. In the fall of 1956, using their own money, the two men purchased a 1932 pump truck from the East Northport Fire Department for $200. The truck was stored in Shoreys’ driveway on Winkle Point Drive.

On June 3, 1957, the Eaton’s Neck Fire Company was officially incorporated. Charles Shoreys, a former member of the New York City Fire Auxiliary Corps was named President and Chief. A membership drive enlisted 34 members of the community who volunteered to serve. When additional help was needed, an agreement with the Coast Guard permitted Coast Guard personnel to be called upon for assistance. A hose truck and ambulance were added to the pump truck purchased earlier.

With extensive fund-raising and a significant contribution by Henry S. Morgan, money was raised to buy the land on which the firehouse now stands. The cornerstone was laid on November 29, 1958. The Eaton’s Neck Fire District was established on September 1, 1959 resulting in the formation of the Eaton’s Neck Fire Department. By the mid-1960s, the Rescue Squad was established and the firehouse was expanded.

As Eaton’s Neck developed from a wooded, largely uninhabited area into a community of approximately 500 families today, the Eaton’s Neck Fire Department has developed and evolved to provide both fire protection and emergency medical services. While the thought of living in a community without fire protection is unthinkable in the 21st century, the early years of the Eaton’s Neck Fire Department is an exceptional example of volunteers responding to meet a community need.

From the beginning in 1956 until today, the central force of the Eaton’s Neck Fire Department has been the volunteer.

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